The Modern Caravan
The Modern Caravan
The Modern Caravan
The Modern Caravan
The Modern Caravan

The Modern Caravan

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 The Modern Caravan is a warm invitation into rolling homes designed for life on the open road. Brimming with evocative storytelling and hundreds of photographs showcasing handsome interiors and stunning landscapes, this book features 25 stories from solo travelers, couples, and families who traded the comforts of a rooted life for ever-changing vistas and eye-opening experiences. You’ll meet a family exploring Australia in a cozy vintage camper filled with plants and natural wood finishes; a young couple designing a modern trailer inspired by the colors and textures of the high desert; a husband and wife living in a chic Airstream with green velvet seating, floral wallpaper, and herringbone wood floors. Balancing style with function, each carefully crafted tiny home is the result of long-held dreams, ingenuity, and imagination.



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