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Living Wild
Living Wild
Living Wild
Living Wild
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Living Wild

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"Delve into the lifestyles of individuals and families worldwide who have broken free from the daily grind to forge a new existence in harmony with nature.

In an era where more of us than ever are reassessing our choices in how and where we reside, forsaking a throwaway culture for a simpler way of life, 'Living Wild' unveils the narratives of people across the globe who have embraced the unknown. This book offers an intimate glimpse into what it truly means to live in closer communion with the natural world. It serves as a wellspring of inspiration for those seeking to recharge their spirits and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

The profound effects of climate change and the pressures of urban living, compounded by the transformative events of recent years, have kindled a collective yearning for a more uncomplicated existence that benefits both the environment and our mental well-being. With the lifting of restrictions, including the freedom to travel, more individuals are reassessing their living arrangements, choosing to abandon the culture of disposability in favor of a more purposeful and eco-conscious life.

From a family who relocated to the remote Australian bush to a young couple navigating life and work on a narrowboat along the Worcester and Birmingham Canal in the U.K., 'Living Wild' chronicles the journeys of people worldwide who boldly ventured into the uncharted. It explores the motivations that propelled them and the profound impact of their decisions on their families and livelihoods. Whether grappling with the daily rigors of off-grid living or championing waste reduction and self-sustenance through food cultivation, this book serves as a wellspring of inspiration for anyone harboring aspirations of leading a more sustainable life."

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