Flowers Forever
Flowers Forever
Flowers Forever
Flowers Forever
Flowers Forever

Flowers Forever

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"Introducing 'Flowers Forever' by the author of 'Everlastings' – a book that will ignite your creativity for crafting stunning, long-lasting floral arrangements using dried flowers.

Within the pages of this book, you'll find a wealth of knowledge about dried flowers, encompassing insights into the cultivation, preservation, and artistry behind enduring floral compositions. Discover valuable guidance on exploring textures, harmonizing tones and colors, and adopting sustainable sourcing practices. 'Flowers Forever' also presents a captivating showcase of ten contemporary floral designs, including an Autumn Bounty Fireplace, a Winter Solstice Wall-hanging, and an enchanting Tablescape.

For those who scrutinize the origins and eco-friendliness of their consumption choices while pursuing artistic endeavors, 'Flowers Forever' is an invaluable resource, offering both inspiration and education."



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